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We don’t just build websites. Our team is driven to increase the performance of your business online.

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Our Services

At Hawk Web Solutions we offer a wide range of services to assist your business with online growth. This in turn leads to increased traffic and financial growth for your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation, known as SEO is the planning and optimisation that goes into your website to help it rank in google.


We build quality websites designed to exceed your expectations whilst directing people to your business.

Web Management

Hawk Web Solutions provide ongoing website management services. From 24/7 emergency support to daily site repairs.

Advertising Campaigns

We provide online advertising campaign management services to assist businesses in growing online. Our market knowledge allows us to exceed our clients expectations.

Consulting Services

We understand that some businesses already have an online presence that works for them. Our consulting services assist with site management and online performance

Website Renovations

Websites, like everything else become dated. This leads to a decrease performance and customer appeal. Our Renovation services are designed to fix these issues.

Answers to Your Questions

What do Hawk Web Solutions do?

In a nutshell, Hawk Web Solutions provide an all in one internet marketing service. We build quality websites, provide hosting and maintenance packages, Search Engine Optimisation, social media management and Google Services Management.

Can Hawk Web Solutions Manage my old website?

Hawk Web Solutions Australia are capable of managing most websites that are currently online. Our knowledge extends past that of other internet marketing agencies which allows us to manage a broader spectrum of sites. 

Are Advertising Packages Available?

We provide advertising services online. The most common form of advertising we provide is in partnership with Google utilising their AdWords Program. We also use other advertising affiliates such as Facebook and other social media.

Why not Build my Own Website With an Online Program?

While options are available online to build and customise your own website, these options do not perform as well as traditional websites. Not only are these services time consuming, they also achieve lower rankings on google due to the systems that are involved with them.

What is Most Important With a Website?

There are many vital elements to a website. Everyone wants a website that looks visually appealing but performance is the end goal. It is important to achieve high rankings in Google for the search terms that people will use to find your business.

Having the right clientele driven to your business is the end goal of our websites. We provide high performing websites that are visually appealing and user friendly.


We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

Our knowledge gives us market leading experience in knowing what works for you and your business online.

For some business it may be more effective to have other forms of an online presence as well as their website. We can assist you in making the right decisions.


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